VIP Training

How to become a Visually, Vocally, Verbally Impactful Presenter

You may or may not be a brilliant presenter live, but what happens if you suck on screen?

Why does it feel so different and how do you get the hang of presenting to a machine instead of people, live and real?

Online viewers are often more instinctive and interactive than a live audience – you have 3-7 seconds to impress. And you’ve got to connect with them in the most natural, real-on-reel way you can.

Lottie Can Help You Do That!

Lottie delivers programmes to suit your needs for…

Entrepreneurs / Business Owners

  • Live public event talks
  • The Confident Social Club – public training
  • Exclusive VIP online training

Enterprise Teams

  • Live public training and talks
  • The Confident Social Club – public training
  • Private small groups live or online training

Corporate Programmes

As a professional speaker and trainer, Lottie only works on a small number of retainer projects and only when you want to work with her

But don’t let a limited budget stop you getting started on screen. You can buy the book and we offer the VIP Presenter Assessment service for your personal feedback report – what works for you, what you can improve to find your #ConfidenceonCamera!

Book your assessment now!

ConfidenceOn.Camera new Website + Book – How to Present on Camera with Confidence – Lottie Hearn

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